February 22, 2009

Heath Ledger Wins Best Supporting Actor Oscar

It’s official. Heath Ledger has won the 2009 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as The Joker in “The Dark Knight.” Congratulations to Ledger and everyone involved in the film. His family was there onstage to accept his award which will ultimately go to his daughter, Matilda. Ledger beat out Robert Downey Jr., […]

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September 8, 2008

Two-Face Had One-Run, Says Eckhart

After watching Batman knock Harvey Dent off three stories to the ground below I assumed the villain Two-Face was dead. However, it seemed many people thought otherwise, especially considering the scene where Eric Roberts explained a fall from just a few stories wouldn’t kill anyone. Two-Face wasn’t the most exciting of villains, but he had […]

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