New Tomorrowland movie got mostly positive reviews from top critics. Walt Disney Pictures released their new adventure/fantasy flick, “Tomorrowland,” into theaters today, May 22nd, and all the reviews are in from the top movie critics. It turns out that most of them did indeed like it, giving it an overall 61 score out of a possible 100 across 43 reviews at

The movie stars: George Clooney, Judy Greer, Tim McGraw, Hugh Laurie, Kathryn Hahn, Thomas Robinson, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy and Keegan-Michael Key. We’ve added blurbs from a few of the critics, below.

Todd McCarthy at The Hollywood Reporter, gave it a great 90 score, saying: “All hands on both sides of the camera do outstanding work. Clooney seems to be enjoying himself thoroughly as the old grump whose creative flame hasn’t been entirely extinguished, but it falls more to Robertson to carry the film, which she does with great energy and appeal.”

Bian Truitt at USA Today, gave it a 75 grade, stating: ” A spectacular ride for most of it, and while you’re a little let down at the end, you kind of want to jump back on and do it all over again.”

Mick LaSalle from the San Francisco Chronicle, gave it a 75 score. He stated: “The movie is saying something worth hearing about the place the future holds, the concept and promise of it, in human existence. It’s an attempt to wrest that vision from the narrow fantasies of doom-peddling action filmmakers. That’s an attempt worth making.”

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