December 8, 2012

New X Men,First Class 2 Casting & Plot Spoilers Revealed Plus Some Old Characters Returning

New X Men,First Class 2 casting & plot spoilers revealed plus some old characters returning. According to a new report from Collider,some new casting spoilers have been revealed for the upcoming X-Men: First Class 2 flick,now titled, “Days Of Future Past.” They say, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are set to return as Professor X […]

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November 30, 2012

New X Men First Class 2 Movie Spoilers Reveal A Death, Loss Of Power & New Castings

New X Men First Class 2 movie spoilers reveal a death, loss of power & new castings. According to Collider, “X Men 2: First Class 2” movie director Brian Singer ,dished some new casting details about the upcoming sequel,via Twitter. Some new spoilers have been revealed. It also has a new name,which is “X Men: […]

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