Terminator Salvation

Below is some spoiler-like discussion on the upcoming “Terminator Salvation.” I say “spoiler-like” because the movie details have now changed, allegedly, but if you don’t want to know what will or what won’t happen then skip this post.

Some movie rumors you immediately dismiss for being too crazy. Others you dismiss out of denial. Last summer a rumor swept the interwebs that covered both of those reasons. AICN ran an article with insight from an alleged insider to the “Terminator Salvation” script which revealed a massive ending twist. At the time I ignored it because it was too crazy to be true. McG immediately came out and denied it. But now the word is that the rumor was true and as a result of its leak WB forced a rewrite. Turns out the rewrite is much, much better. Here’s the original rumor:

“Alright so the main character is a cyborg named Marcus. For some background, Marcus was a criminal who was executed in 2003. He donated his body to Project Angel which was involved with SkyNet. They take his body and make a terminator out of him so he’s a terminator skeleton but has living muscle/skin and a beating heart too. At the end of the movie John Connor is fighting a T800 model 101 and loses. He dies and the top resistance people come up with a plan to help the resistance keep fighting on. The resistance feels that it’s important to keep the image or idea that John Connor is still alive so the resistance keeps going. So they rip off Marcus’ skin and put John Connor’s on the skeleton so now Marcus is John Connor.”

Okay, that sounded crazy at the time, but now having seen the trailer where we see Marcus is skin over machine makes this completely believable! Combine that with the original plans to have John Connor as a side character in the first installment and the original rumor fits even closer.

What a terrible twist that would have been considering this was supposed to be the first leg of a trilogy. I get the irony that a machine would be leading the resistance against the machines, but that sort of bombshell would be best left for the final moments of the whole story. I’d have a real issue with getting behind the human resistance and the story of John Connor’s legendary leadership if it was just a robot as the star for the next 2 movies with no chance of danger.

MovieHole covers the details on how the movie was rewritten:

Was chatting to a friend from Warner Bros today – originally on a totally different topic (“The Green Lantern” – scouting in Australia) – who confirmed he’d seen the film and that there’s been big changes to the film over the past few months.

Yep, don’t expect to see any Hannibal Lecter-style action from the mysterious Marcus (Sam Worthington’s silver-blooded character from the film) in the film when you catch it in May.

The third act of the film has been completely changed “because of the internet leak. The ending doesn’t resemble the previous one in any shape or form”. And more so, the new ending has tested quite well; it’s gotten a much better reaction than the ‘big reveal’ in the script did.

Yeah, that’s much better, but I think he means to not expect to see any Buffalo Bill style action. Hannibal liked to eat people, but Bill liked to cut off their skin and put it over his own. Anyway, new ending sounds like it’s a very good thing for the rest of us.

Terminator Salvation kicks theater butts on May 21, 2009

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