jennifer_anistonI didn’t think Jennifer Aniston was a major star these days, but I guess I was wrong.

Those in charge on the set of Aniston’s new comedy “The Baster” are revving into high gear with warnings for the production crew on how to handle their high expectations for the flood of paparazzi with the hopes of catching snapshots of the former Mrs. Pitt.

WWTDD landed these hilarious warnings that would lead to immediate firing if broken:

Since we will be dealing with the paparazzi on this film, we would like to present some guidelines of what we can and can not do:
1. No Touching the paparazzi. This includes pushing, pulling, or punching.
2. No Talking to the paparazzi. This includes any words that come out of your mouth and are directed toward a member of the paparazzi.
3. No Acknowledging the paparazzi. This includes making gestures and exchanging glances.

Well now that we’ve settled the age old mystery of what is “talking” I think we’re all ready to move on. My real concern is that the papz following Aniston may or may not be silverback gorillas capable of primal rage on anyone who dares glance in their direction.

Update: Miramax has picked up the North American distribution rights to “The Baster.” Variety reports that initial lensing began this week in New York.

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