Kate Hudson, Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba

Kate Hudson, Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba

You may have heard some buzz about Michael Winterbottom‘s new movie The Killer Inside Me because it has been causing something of a stir at festivals. People are rumored to have walked out of the movie because some parts are oh-so-offensive. Lucky for me, I don’t squirm easily.

The Killer Inside Me is based on the book of the same title by Jim Thompson and stars Casey Affleck as a west Texas deputy sheriff who transitions into a full blown psychopathic serial killer by the end of the flick. The movie watches him spiral out of control and you can see even in the preview that there is some messed up juju going on behind those eyes. Casey Affleck = Creepy Affleck. This entire movie looks incredible, but Affleck‘s performance alone seems like it will make it worth your time. Nevermind the fact that Jessica Alba plays a prostitute (watch the trailer to see her get spanked) and Kate Hudson plays a school teacher. Can you say “Hot for Teacher” anyone?

Check out the Trailer and the full-sized UK poster below. IMPORTANT: The preview is not safe for work! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


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