The studio revealed Robert Pattinson’s Twilight Breaking Dawn promo tour dates. As you all know by now,Breaking Dawn part 1 is about to debut next month,so that means it’s time for the promo tour,which basically means it’s time for the main star Robert Pattinson to become Summit Entertainment’s bitch for a few months. They’re going to have him touring the country nonstop to promote the huge flick.

Lets see here. On October 23rd and 24th,Rob will be in the “city of love” Paris,France. After that,he’ll head on over to Belgium with his lovely co-star Ashley Greene for promo duties on October 26th. Next,he’ll hit up Stockholm,Germany on October 28th.

Then he’ll head on back to Los Angeles,California for the huge premiere there on November 14th. Two days after that, he’ll head to his hometown of London for their November 16th premiere date. Us regular folks will just sit around until the damn thing airs nationwide on November 18th,and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

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