The third installment of The Twilight Saga is set to hit theatres and IMAX on June 30th, but a new TV spot hit today. The clip below, from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse doesn’t really show a ton of new footage, but let’s be honest – Twilight fans don’t care. They just want more Edward and Jacob.

Twilight: Eclipse
Credit: Summit Entertainment

This new TV spot gets me really pumped up for Twilight. I can’t help it. I’m not as crazy-obsessed as some people, but I totally love the way these movies are looking. Especially the way that Taylor Lautner is looking. Hate all you want, but that boy sure does have a purdy mouth (I said that in my Sling Blade voice). But seriously, each of these movies gets an increased budget, and thus looks even better than the last one. The wolves in this movie look SWEET, and I don’t know how you could possibly deny it. So check out the TV spot below, it’s about 30 seconds long and totally worth your time, if only for the fact that I love seeing the freeze is Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. Am I the only one who is happy Rachelle Lafevre got fired? Meh. Whatever. Clips ahoy!

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