The Voice 2012 ousted Lindsey,Katrina,Erin,& Jamar Rogers in the semifinals tonight. Earlier tonight,The Voice 2012 tragically destroyed the hopes and dreams of four more singers in the blink of an eye. The show kicked off with a review of last night’s performances. After that, last year’s runner-up Dia Frampton,hopped on stage to sing her song titled, “Don’t Kick The Chair.”

Next,Christina Aguilera,scored her final two team members,Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann, with 50 points each. Then America’s vote, totaled it out to be 104-96 in Chris’ favor,so he moved on to the finals,while Lindsey moved on off to elimination row.

Then,one of the top 4 contestants from last year,Vicci Martinez,hit the stage to sing her song ” Come Along,” and Cee Lo eventually accompanied her. Next,Adam gave his team members Tony Lucca and Katrina Parker their scores. Tony received 60 points,while Katrina received 40 points. Then America’s vote,made it 108-92 in favor of Tony,so Tony moved on to the finals,while Kristina got dismissed.

After a break,another one of last year’s finalists,Beverly McClellan,hopped on stage to sing her song called, “Money Changes Everything,” and the legendary Cyndi Lauper joined her. Right after that,last year’s winner,Javier Colon, hit the stage to sing his new song called, “A Drop In The Ocean.”

After the break,Blake gave his team members Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul their scores. He game them both 50 points. Then America’s vote,made it 123-77 in favor of Jermaine, so Jermaine moved on to the finals,and Erin had to wave goodbye.

Next,Cee Lo gave his team members Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers their scores. Juliet received 60 points,while Jamar received 40 points. Then America’s vote,made it 121-79 in favor of Juliet, so Jamar Rogers had to sadly hit the trail.

So, with that being said, Chris Mann,Tony Lucca,Jermaine Paul,and Juliet Simms are your final four this year,and Lindsey Pavao,Katrina Parker,Erin Willett,and Jamar Rogers are sadly not your final four,because they’re gone! Gone for good! Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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