“The Walking Dead,” Season 1, Episode 3: “Tell It To The Frogs”

Last week I said I was ready for some character development and human drama on “The Walking Dead.” I sure got my wish with Sunday night’s episode. And well, I take that wish back. I’m not invested enough in the characters for that yet. I need zombies. And didn’t get any this time. So needless to say, I was a little disappointed in the third episode.

I’m not giving up on the show or even giving it a bad review necessarily. I just think it was too early to slow things down. I do want to see the human drama, just not so much so soon. And as far as character development goes, there aren’t very many people to get behind. Most of the survivors we’ve met so far are kind of jerks.

The episode opened with Merle chained to the rooftop where we last saw him last week. He’s trying to escape, but the Walkers have made their way to the roof. The opening credits roll, so we have no idea what became of him.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the others (minus Merle) make it back to the camp and everyone is happy to see them. The camp is introduced to the new guy, Rick, and then he spots his partner Shane (Jon Bernthal) and his son Carl and wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies). Everyone is shocked but quickly reunited.

Rick doesn’t pick up on the romance that has blossomed between Shane and Lori. And no one seems to be telling him anytime soon. I’m happy for that. Let’s keep the Jerry Springer drama off to the side for a bit.

Merle’s brother is told what happened and isn’t happy, of course. Rick feels guilty and decides to return to Atlanta to rescue Merle. I’m not sure why. He was a jerk and is almost certainly already dead. Right? So Merle’s brother Daryl, Rick, Glenn (Steven Yeun) and T-Dog return to the city. Even if Merle is a lost cause, they can maybe pick up the weapons Rick left behind in the first episode.


While they head back to the city, we get to meet the other assholes that occupy the camp. I’m not sure why idiots, rednecks and wife beaters always survive apocalyptic events. (Actually, I do. It’s so they can die later, thus satisfying our desire to see them eaten alive).

One of those to almost certainly die in the future is Ed. He beats his wife. He threatens to beat other women. He’s just bad news. They should probably just kill him themselves. Actually Shane almost does. When Ed hits his wife, Shane goes off on him and nearly beats him to death. Shane is likely more aggressive now that he knows he no longer has a secure sex partner and the pickings are slim.

Back in the city, the group makes it to the rooftop to find that Merle has sawed off his own hand to escape the handcuffs and probably hungry zombies. But is he dead? We don’t know yet. The episode ends.

Even though I found it slow compared to the previous two, it was still a good episode. We now know everyone is kind of a live wire. Anyone can go crazy at any second. And no matter how much they should be sticking together and fighting the monsters, there’s always going to be inner turmoil. When there are no rules and regulations, human nature becomes a monster itself.

Tell us your thoughts on the episode. Also, are you liking the series so far?

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