The Walking Dead Season 2 bringing on new emotional,brave guy & more. Recently we reported that AMC’s hit show Walking Dead is bringing on three more guys to,most likely, get killed off quicker than they arrived. Well now,thanks to Spoiler TV, we can put a face to one of them. Actor Michael Zegen will be playing character Randall,and he should be happy because it sounds like Randall will stay alive the longest out of the three.

Randall is described as being 19-20 years old. He’s a skinny, earnest,Southern kid with a slight Southern accent,and is thrown into a set of unusual circumstances because of what he has gone through in the new walker infected world. He will be very emotional,fragile, inexperienced, and ultimately shows strength and courage.

Hmm,It sounds like he’ll be trying to save someone,and then get killed. Just speculation. Don’t quote me on that. He’s scheduled to show up in episode 10 as a guest star,and will recur for 4 episodes. Michael Zegen’s acting credits,include a role as Damian in “Rescue Me” TV show. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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