In case you haven’t heard, Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise are doing a romantic-action-comedy-type movie together. I always find Diaz adorable, even when I try to resist her charm. She’s just got it. Cruise, on the other hand? Not so much. Maybe it’s because I’m too hung up on all the other stigmas that are attached to his name and his life and the fact that he stole my Joey Potter (Dawson’s Creek reference, come on) away from me and forced her to grow up or something. Or, it could just be the fact that his teeth are off center and it’s all I can ever focus on when he’s on the screen.

Regardless, the preview for Knight and Day shows off the chemistry between Diaz and Cruise, which is enough to pique my interest at least on some level. I’m not sure if this sort of slapstick action is my thing, but I see the appeal. It doesn’t hurt that Marc Blucas and Peter Sarsgaard also show up in the cast, two dudes I could stand to look at any day of the week.

Check out the videos below for the preview, as well as a behind the scenes look of Diaz and Cruise practicing some kickin’ stunt moves on the set of Knight and Day , due in theatres June 25th.

Official Trailer

Behind the Scenes with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

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