Tom CruiseEveryone not just dropped from Columbia Picture’s spy thriller “Edwin A. Salt” step forward. Ah ah ah, Tom Cruise, not so fast. With his star power dying out, it appears that movie studios just aren’t willing to front Mr. Katie Holmes the kind of cash he used to earn. Snarkista shares the details:

Tom Cruise isn’t going to be playing the role of Edwin A. Salt, a fictional CIA officer who is outed as a spy. Fox 411 reports that the production, “Edwin A. Salt,” from Columbia Pictures, has been a huge, expensive headache.

Now Tom is out, and apparently it’s about the money. Tommy still thinks he’s a “Top Gun” in Hollywood. He used to be the highest-paid star, but he’s not commanding a $20 million salary like he did in the past.

I can’t say that I’m surprised. Tom fell off his pedestal years ago and he has little to blame other than himself. I’m still more than willing to see a movie with him in it, but he doesn’t really get attached to those “gotta see it opening night” kinda flicks these days.

Source: FOX News via Snark Food

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