The mystery of Shia LaBeouf’s hand injury work-in for “Transformers 2” has been solved. Entertainment Weekly (via IESB) has revealed that Sam Witwicky’s (played by LaBeouf) will have his hand damaged by a “space bridge” in the movie to cover up his car-rolling accident from last summer that left him a bit mangled at the time:

The screenwriters tweaked the script so that his character…gets hurt in a sort of teleportation device called a “space bridge.” LaBeouf agreed to postpone additional surgery on his hand until after the shoot wrapped in October, and he was outfitted with a custom-made hand cast designed to be both photogenic and super protective. (There has even been talk of replacing LaBeouf’s hand with CG; Bay says it was ruled as too expensive and “a pain in the neck.”)

Seven weeks after LaBeouf’s accident, the actor is hard at work on Revenge of the Fallen, his face, arms, and one good hand covered in fake sweat-that is, Vaseline.

Considering how much stuff in blown up in that movie that had to be a somewhat easier than expected task to work it in. I still don’t know about that postponing surgery stuff though. Spend too long with a set of broken bones and you’ll be regretting that one in a few years. “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen” hits theaters this summer.

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