HBO was nice enough to send me a bottle of Tru Blood, the drink based on the one in the hit cable series “True Blood.” First, I have to say the bottle is awesome. It looks just like the one on the show. And it even says that it’s O Positive flavor. I’m seriously never throwing the bottle away.

As for the drink itself … not so exciting. The blood orange flavor tastes more like flat Orange Crush with Smarties candies crushed up in it. I really wanted to like the drink. I really didn’t want to give it a bad review. But the bitter taste in my mouth after taking a drink told me otherwise.

For months now, our initial Tru Blood drink story has topped the charts for page views. People have been dying to get their hands on a bottle from a store near them. HBO initially said the drinks would be available in stores, but they’ve yet to show up. You can still order them online, but who really wants to do that?  My advice would be, don’t buy them to drink. Buy ONE (if that’s even possible) as a novelty.

Bill Compton wouldn’t stand for such impure flavors and neither can I.

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