“True Blood,” Season 3, Episode 9: “Everything is Broken”

I love “True Blood.” I love horror movies. I love gore. But even I was disgusted with the first five minutes of last night’s “True Blood.” I was literally screaming at the TV during Sookie and Bill’s disgusting shower scene. There’s some things you just shouldn’t do with blood and that was one of them. Gross.

The rest of the episode was good, of course. The fallout from last week’s gay vampire sex that ended in a staking was center stage. It looks like Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) may have single handled started a war between Vamps and humans. I mean, what else can happen after Russell’s on-air rampage? It should be interesting to see how that story plays out.

And does anyone else want the Jason and Crystal storyline to end? It’s going no where. Just make Jason a werewolf already and please get that disgusting, bad-acting meth head off my screen. Jason can do better than that.

I know, you’re looking for an actual recap instead of my bitchy commentary. For the real recap, check this out:

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