True Blood season 5 Faeries to be revamped & more,new spoilers. Hollywood Life recently chatted it up with sexy,new True Blood season 5 actress Camilla Luddington,and she dropped a few spoiler teasers about what we can expect to see in the upcoming season,mostly for the Faeries,since that’s who she’ll be playing.

Camilla has been cast to play faerie Claudette who is the sister of Claudine,who was sucked dry by vampire Eric when he had amnesia in season 4. Claudette will supposedly help Sookie become a better faerie. Camilla revealed that the Faeries will also be re-vamped in the new season,and is excited for the viewing audience to see them.

Claudette will also work very closely with Sookie and Jason,and it’s possible that Jason may get in touch with his faerie side too. Next,Camilla revealed that she uses that big microwave,light,power a lot,and it isn’t as easy as it might seem,stating, “they’re very specific about how you use your hand to execute that light.

I was just kind of lifting my hands up, and they were like, No, you’re not going to get any light out of that. So I had light practice.” Stay tuned. Season 5 debuts in June. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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