Twilight Saga movie star spotted drunk peeing in public LAX airport other day,new clip. The Other day, former Twilight Saga werewolf, star Bronson Pelletier was spotted drunk out of his freaking mind while at LAX International Airport. Then after stumbling around for a few seconds,he totally whipped his private wand out,and did a little hardcore peeing in from of everyone while they looked in awe ,and laughed their asses off (video below).

Eventually,two cops quickly came to the scene and threw Bronson to the ground in mid-piss to arrest him. And dude totally left a piss puddle right in the middle of the airport,all over the nice carpeting and everything.

Bronson’s shocking piss display could possibly land him in jail for a whopping 6 months. He’s do in court on January 7th. Bronson played werewolf Jared in four of the Twilight Saga films: New Moon,Eclipse,and Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2. Check him out in the clip,below. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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