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Twilight’s Kristen Stewart spotted dressed like a dude with mustache at costume party other night. According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart,decided to hit up a costume party with her brother Taylor Stewart this past weekend,and she dressed up like a dude with a mustache.

Funny thing,though. She still looked very cute and adorable. Word is,she dressed up like Charlie Chaplin in a black blazer,white button-down,black bowler hat,and a mustache. During the party, Kristen and Taylor,took silly pictures together. So, it sounds like K-Stew had a very interesting,yet fun evening this past weekend.

Right now,she’s currently in Vancouver,Canada,filming new Breaking Dawn part 2 reshoot footage with her main man Robert Pattinson. Alice Cullen star Ashley Greene,reportedly,joined them as well. Another report is claiming that Rob and Kristen are doing some more,steamy,kissing for the reshoots. More on that,later. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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