Vampire Diaries season 3 bringing someone greater than Klaus to town & more. MTV news just recently caught up to the gorgeous,Vampire Diaries, starlet Nina Dobrev in New York last weekend when she was promoting her charity called “Project Pink,” and she revealed some juicy spoiler info for the new season (video below).

In the clip, Nina revealed that she just found out someone even worse and badder than Klaus is coming to Mystic Falls this season. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t spill the beans on exactly who that is,but she did tease that the person is very attractive.

Hmm,sounds very interesting. A couple months back, producer Julie Plec made that same tease,and I’m really interested in knowing who the hell this person is. This season is just getting hotter and hotter. Stay tuned because I’m going to see if I can’t find out something on this person. Meanwhile, check out Nina in the clip,below.

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