Vampire Diaries season 3 Klaus’ mother returning to continue trying to kill originals & more. As previously reported, a lot of the Vampire Diaries crew members,along with producer Julie Plec,hit up the Paleyfest event last week,and dropped a whole slew of new,season 3 spoilers,including a very interesting one,which involves the return of Klaus’ mother Esther.

Julie revealed that we have not seen the last of Esther,and she will,indeed,be returning to try and finish off the job of killing her Originals children. The last time,Esther failed to kill them off because Elijah and Rebekah kidnapped Elena. Julie also stated that it will be another chapter for Esther,which definitely made it sound more cool.

Damon is also going to get the hell tortured out of him by Rebekah in episode 18,but not before we see Rebekah,Sage,and Damon partake in a little threesome action in episode 17. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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