damon salvatore in vampire diaries

Vampire Diaries season 3 to show Damon naked again in the 2nd half & more. This past Monday, Vampire Dairies,Damon Salvatore star Ian Somerhalder hopped on Twitter to reveal that he’s already back to work,filming new scenes for us. In doing so,he also gave a little spoiler tease,claiming that Damon is naked.

He wrote, “Of course 1st day back from a stuffing-your-face holiday, Damon Salvatore is naked. WTF?!” So,ladies you can look forward to seeing your heartthrob undress,again, in the exciting, 2nd half of the season.

In related news,we’re also going to see a new,mysterious human arrive on the scene by the name of Daniel Warren,who is played by actor Daniel Newman. He’s scheduled to appear in episode 11. No other details were given about what he’ll be doing,probably because he’ll ,more than likely, be vamp food. We’ll see. The season is scheduled to start back up on January 5th. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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