Bonnie’s path gets crazier,we should worry & more in this new Vampire Diaries season 4 spoiler tease. Recently, Hollywood Life,chatted it up with the beautiful Katerina Graham,who plays resident witch Bonnie Bennet on Vampire Diaries,and she dished more major issues that Bonnie will have as season 4 rolls along,and more.

Kat kicked off the spoilery chat session by revealing that Bonnie still has love for Jeremy,and she’s about to get a little more crazy. She explained, “You’ll definitely see Bonnie start to lose it. She puts a lot of trust into this guy who might have ulterior motives for her. You’re going to see their relationship start to unravel.” From there,she talked about Jeremy,stating, “Her love was never lost for him. She never got over it.”

Next, she revealed that we should definitely worry about Bonnie,because her path is about to get mega crazy She stated, “Oh, yeah. I don’t know how much more intense the season is going to get; we’re already shooting episode 17, and it’s getting intense. My heart’s racing, and I’m like, ‘Where are they going with this character? This is heading down a crazy path.’ I would definitely be worried about her and keep an eye on her.”

Bonnie’s not really digging her dad being in town,and trying to give her orders. Kat said, “Bonnie’s been able to do whatever she wants, because her mom and dad haven’t been around. I feel like it’s been very Lord of the Flies with Bonnie and her group, so when her dad comes in and tries to set ground rules for her, she’s taken aback.”

Claire Holt aka Rebekah vamp will be spotted in some 80’s clothing at some point as Katerina revealed, “You’ll get to see Claire Holt kind of do it up. I’ve got incriminating photos of her in her ’80s wardrobe fittings. Wigs and all. Everything.” Then Steven R. McQueen’s major,new, buffness became part the topic. Kat said, “It started last year, and now he’s just super buff. He works out like crazy and eats chicken and broccoli, and we’re just like, ‘Dude, do you think you can get any bigger?’ He’s so in shape.”

Lastly,Kat explained how she played a joke on Steven’s new vanity and tank tops,stating, “More tank tops! More tank tops! I remember me and David Alpay were taunting him one time. Steven likes to work out before his shirtless scenes so he looks his best, so I ran to the production assistant, and I was like, ‘Go up to Steven and tell him the scene we’re shooting needs to be reshot as a shirtless scene.’ And Steven just freaked out. It was so funny, I was cracking up.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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