Vampire Diaries season 5 mysteries of Silas’ past to get revealed,new spoiler. As previously reported, Hollywood Life got to chat it up with Vampire Diaries producer,Julie Plec,and she spilled out some new season 5 teasers to tide us over for a little while. In this particular one, we learned that we’re going to see mysteries of wicked Silas’ past get revealed. She also commented on the whole Stefan doppelganger plotline.

In their spoiler statement, here’s what they had to say, “speaking of that unknown villain, Julie said fans will really enjoy Stefan’s doppelganger story line, which will allow Paul Wesley to flex his acting muscles as two completely different characters. “There will be a pretty cool mythology that will carry on in terms of Silas, and the mystery of his past 1,000 or 2,000 years ago.”

In related news, Julie also revealed that there’s going to be a new villain,arriving on the scene to give Damon and Elena’s relationship a bit of trouble. Season 5 is set to debut this Fall 2013. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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