Vampire Diaries season 8 new powerful woman coming to flirt with Stefan & more. Recently, TV Guide revealed a new spoiler teaser for the upcoming “Vampire Diaries” season 8.

It turns out that the show is bringing on a new, very powerful female character that is believed to get in between Caroline and Stefan’s thing. She will apparently take a liking to Stefan very quickly.

She’s described as being a woman that’s used to getting what she wants no matter what she has to do to get it. However, they further stated that “Stefan or Caroline aren’t going to let their relationship fall apart without a fight.

When Stefan is forced into this dangerous woman’s life, he will have to carefully balance appeasing her without losing himself in the process.”

Currently, this new woman remains a mystery as they didn’t reveal a name for her. Just a brief description. More new spoilers are coming down the pipeline, next weekend, from the big 2016 San Diego,CA Comic-Con event, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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