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Victoria Gotti eliminated from Celebrity Apprentice 2012 in episode 2 tonight. According to ontheflix, Celebrity Apprentice 2012,episode 2 aired earlier tonight,and the mob wife took the hit this time. It kicked off with Victoria,revealing how upset she was that the other women suggested she get fired in the previous episode.

After that,Don Trump Jr.revealed what the Task would be this week. The celebs had to put on a medieval times show. Penn Jillette was named project manager for the men,while comedian Lisa Lampanelli was made project manager for the ladies Forte team.

From the outset,the tension between Lisa and Victoria began to increase as Victoria felt she got slighted again when Lisa opted to assign her to be a stage manager instead of giving her an acting role in the show. Also, Lisa let her mean side show as she got quite grumpy and bossy when the other ladies just wouldn’t shut up and listen to her instructions. I mean,she really got ticked off.

The ladies ultimately decided to go with a “Unreal Housewives of Of Camelot” theme,while the guys didn’t really choose a theme. They just decided to do something comical that played to each of their strengths.

Victoria continued to screw up. Lisa had to keep assigning her different jobs,because she really couldn’t do anything right,and seemed pretty clueless most of the time. After showing both teams’ rehearsal footage,the live shows began,and the guys went on first. They appeared to knock it out of the park with lots of funny skits. Clay Aiken did a little singing,Penn did some juggling,and the other guys did something they were very good at to contribute.

Next, the ladies went on,and it seemed to go well also. Their show consisted of a lot of fighting as it was themed after the crazy Housewives reality shows. After all that,both teams joined Trump in the boardroom to discuss how things went in this round.

Ultimately,the guys didn’t really have anything much to complain about. However,they did run into a little tiff with Lou Ferrigno when Penn had to give a hypothetical on who he would possibly get rid off if they lost.

The women had a much bigger argument when Lisa said,she would get rid of Victoria and Dayana Mendoza. They seemed to be scattered on Dayana because they felt she contributed,and did what she was supposed to do. They also thought Victoria helped out a lot.

Next,Trump revealed that the men,won,by earning 558 votes from the crowd,while the girls only earned 363 votes. The men also won $40,000 for Penn’s charity. Next, the girls debated on who should be put up to get fired. Dayana was pissed at Lisa for nominating her,and said Lisa should go,while the other ladies sort of bickered back and forth. It was a big,caddy,mess.

Ultimately,Lisa stuck to her guns,and brought Victoria and Dayana to the chopping block. After arguing non-stop for a couple more minutes. Don Trump Jr. backed up Lisa’s claims that Victoria kept turning down important tasks that were given to her,missed the light cues,and other things.

Dayana even fessed up,and said,Lisa should stay over Victoria because she slacked off. Dayana was never really up for debate because Don Trump Jr. said,she shouldn’t have even been in the room. She was just there because Lisa had to bring two people.

After all the evidents piled up on Victoria,Trump Sr. finally told Victoria she was fired,and had to hit the road. She was still bickering on her way out the door. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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