Walking Dead season 2 snags True Blood star Rutina Wesley for cool Michonne role. As previously reported,it was tipped of by one of the zombie castmembers that the hit show “The Walking Dead” is,indeed, bringing on the cool Michonne character this season. Now, we’ve got a new report,via the walkingdeadfanclub .

There highly,trustworthy source told them that True Blood,Tara,starlet Rutina Wesley has been casts to play the highly anticipated, Michonne character,who is scheduled to show up in the season 2 finale, episode 13. Michonne wields a Katana sword,and has two jawless zombies that she carries around with her,and their arms are cut off. She’s quite an interesting character.

This casting does kind of make sense for Rutina as I’m sure she’s probably looking for a new job right about now,since her Tara character got her brains blown out in the season 4,True Blood finale. They say,Tara is coming back,but it’s gotta be,at least,very limited as maybe a ghost or something,unless they pull out some major magic tricks. Her casting details are not official,but the site swears by their source,saying, they have never been wrong in the past,so we’ll see. Season 2 returns on February 12th. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

Update: The story was confirmed to be untrue by Rutina. Sorry guys.

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