Walking Dead season 3 Sarah Callies talked new Carl spoilers,Lori’s fatal death & more. Recently,Collider chatted with the lovely Sarah Wayne Callies, who’s character Lori,bit the dust in Walking Dead Season 3 after having her stomach ripped open to give birth to a child. It was so sad. Anyways, Sarah was kind enough to reveal some new Carl spoilers and tease her possible return as a ghost in the future.

First,she revealed that little Carl is totally going to be a force to be reckoned with. “I think that it’s very telling that Lori isn’t worried about Carl. She tells him, “You’re going to be fine.” Her soul is through that entire scene with Rick. The most important thing to her is that Rick does not see her as a walker and have to put her down. She almost says to Carl, “Take care of your daddy because your daddy’s going to fall apart.”

I think that signals a scene change. For the first two seasons, Carl wept in our arms. Anywhere Carl was within an arm’s reach, Lori was always wrapping her hand over his shoulder. He has evolved, partly due to what a remarkable actor Chandler Riggs is. He’s evolved into a child solider, and all of the deeper unsettling power that that brings with it. With Lori’s death, there is a change in the balance between Carl and Rick.”

Next, she revealed what went down when she was told that Lori was going to die,stating, “When they told me Lori was going to die, they pitched me what they had as an idea for how. My first question actually was, “Does the baby make it?” They said, “Yes.” For some stupid reason, it made all the difference. I was like, “Okay, well, as long as the baby makes it, that’s good.” Anyone who has read the comic book is so familiar with the way Lori died, but I think they’d see it coming a mile away. It really just made good sense to change the circumstances.”

Finally, she revealed that she would definitely come back if they asked her to come back as a ghost that haunts Rick. She also knew from the very beginning that Lori would eventually die since she died in the comic books. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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