After earning a quarter billion dollars at the box office last year, it should come as no surprise that Warner Bros. has found a way to return to Will Smith’s “I Am Legend”. Yesterday WB revealed details on the follow-up project which will be a prequel, kinda.

The storyline will have to be a prequel due to the better ending to “Legend” being left on the cutting room floor. But it won’t be a full prequel either as the timeline will fall in between the start of events shown in the first film and the conclusion of events. The film will focus on the days immediately following the virus overtake of NY and Dr. Neville’s fight for survival.

I really enjoyed “I Am Legend”, though the alternate ending would have made the film much, much better for its exploration of the monsters’ lingering humanity. With confirmation that director Francis Lawrence and Will Smith would be returning I’m very interested to see how this develops.

Source: FirstShowing

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