Whitney Houston died due to a mixture of prescription drugs & alcohol. According to TMZ and their sources, R&B,singing icon Whitney Houston most likely passed away from a lethal mixture of alcohol,Xanax,and possible other prescription drugs this past Saturday afternoon,February 11th.

The Los Angeles Country Coroner told Whitney’s family that she did not die from drowning, but rather from what appears to be a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs, mixed with alcohol.

They also told the family,there was not enough water in Whitney’s lungs to lead to the conclusion that she drowned,and that Whitney may have actually died before her head went under water in the bathtub. Whitney’s aunt Mary Jones is actually the one who discovered Whitney’s body in the bathtub.

Mary had laid out Whitney’s dress for the evening on the bed and then left for about a half hour. Eventually,Mary went in and pulled Whitney out of the tub,and began performing CPR. As of right now, Whitney’s body is on its way to Atlanta. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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