Season 6 of “Lost” will be its last go round and with a storyline as open as this one anything is possible. Mix that with the popular trend of bringing back anyone who ever crossed the set for the final episodes and you’ve got a good chance of seeing some ghosts. Rumors are suggesting that Dominic Monaghan, who played Charlie, may be returning to the island after being spotted with one of the show’s creative minds, Damon Lindelof:

A reliable spy tells us that Monaghan, one of the key original Lost castmembers, and Lost show runner Damon Lindelof had breakfast together this morning at a Fairfax district eatery in Los Angeles. Of course, the meal might just have been a friendly sit-down between two colleagues (and/or because waffles are delicious), but as Lost-loving optimists, we have to hope that it was a meeting where the two talents came to terms about the story that puts Charlie Pace back in the mix for season six.

Charlie has already come back from the dead when he visited Hugo in the loony-bin, so I don’t see why he couldn’t show up again in future episodes. Maybe it’s just that time has warmed me to his character, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him show up to help close out the story. But if we’re taking requests for the return of characters how about some Maggie Grace rocking one of her bikinis again? Boone? Boone who? I want bikinis.

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