X Factor 2012 Diamond White surprisingly brought back last night after getting eliminated. Last night, on X Factor 2012 aka season 2,we were all hit with a pleasant surprise as royally shafted Diamond White got to make a return to the show after the rest of the judges deliberated ,and agreed that Britney was totally insane for getting rid of her.

Finally,some justice was done. Unfortunately, they didn’t do the same for David Correy,because he got shafted too. Anyways, Diamond made it back,so it’s the top 13 competing for America’s vote instead of the top 12. Diamond sang ” I Have Nothing ” by Whitney Houston,and totally knocked it out of the ball park.

It totally confirmed how nuts Britney Spears truly is for sending her home last week. We also have a clip of Diamond’s awesome performance from last night,so check it out,below and enjoy. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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