X Factor 2012 eliminated Paige Thomas & Vino Alan from the top 8 tonight. Tonight’s results show ,started off with the usual recap of the performances from the previous night. Then they quickly revealed that Paige Thomas got the least amount of votes this week,so they immediately jumped to her video montage,so they could send her on her way. After a short break, 2011 X Factor runner-up, Josh Krajcik,showed up to sing a very awful,boring song.

Next, they brought out all the judges and their teams to reveal that Fifth Harmony,CeCe Frey,Emblem 3,Carly Rose Sonenclar,and Tate Stevens were all safe tonight ,leaving Diamond White and Vino Alan ,lingering around in the last place spots to sing for survival.

Then singing great Alicia Keys, hit the stage to rock out her new,hit song called, “Girl On Fire,” and she did a great job. It was awesome. After that, Diamond hit the stage to sing her big survival song,and did a hardcore,very good ballad. Then Vino Alan followed her up with another strong Ballad.

From there, the judges revealed who they wanted to see stick around. L.A.,not surprisingly,chose to keep his team member Vino. Britney,not surprisingly,chose to keep her team member Diamond. Demi chose to keep Diamond. Then Simon also chose to keep Diamond. So,with a vote of 3-1, Vino got his walking papers along with Paige Thomas,dwindling the top 8 down to just the top 6. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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