X Factor 2012 Tate Stevens getting extra huge support from popular rigged voting site. Recently, popular rigged up voting site called, votefortheworst.com recently announced their support for Tate Stevens in X-Factor 2012. Basically, what that means is their encouraging their millions of readers to cast their votes for Tate Stevens to win after their first candidate CeCe Frey ,bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. They’re also probably the reason why CeCe made it as far as she did.

Anyways, the site’s origins are rooted in doing this for “American Idol” and pushing ,who they feel is the worst contestant, through past the people that really deserve to win in many cases. Now, they have branched out to all the other talent shows. They currently,proudly boast having a part to play in 5 or more of the winners from American Idol,and it looks like they’re trying to continue their success with Tate Stevens in X-Factor.

I personally am rooting for Carly Rose Sonenclar to win ,but it’s going to be harder for her, now that the Vote For The Worst crew have directed their heavy duty voting support in Tate Stevens corner. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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