X Factor 2012 Vino Alan spoke out,unsure why ge got eliminated,asked Simon & more. Recently, Hollywood Life got to chat it up with recently eliminated X-Factor 2012 contestant Vino Alan,and he definitely couldn’t figure out why he got the boot this past Thursday night. He even went as far as to ask Simon why he didn’t let it go to America’s vote,and more.

Vino told them, when asked about who he thinks could win, “Man, seeing this, and I don’t mean this boisterous at all,that they cut me. I don’t know. It is anybody’s game. CeCe is in there, everybody. They cut me. I don’t know if they’ve got different ears on.”

After that, Vino also revealed that he talked with Simon afterwards about not letting it fall to America’s vote,stating, “I asked him afterwards if I said something to upset him because that’s what instantly happened in my brain. That I must have said something that upset him but he said no and that it is not over for me.” Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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