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X Factor 2013 eliminated Khaya Cohen & Tim Olstad in November 21st show tonight. Tonight’s elimination show, started off with the regular introductions and so forth. Then they showed recap footage from last night’s performances show,along with some other video segment junk to kill extra time. After that, they broke poor Khaya Cohen’s heart be revealing, she was the first one to get ousted tonight.

After a break, the mega hit group, One Direction, arrived on stage to perform their song , “Story of My Life.” After all that, they got right back down to business again, as host, Mario Lopez, revealed that Rion Page, Josh Levii, Alex and Sierra, Lillie McCloud, Jeff Gutt,Ellona Santiago, and Restless Road were all safe tonight, leaving poor Tim Olstad and Carlito Olivero, lingering around in the bottom 2 to sing for their lives.

After a break, Tim Olstad sang “You Raise Me Up” as his clutch song. Then Carlito followed him with “Beneath, Your Beautiful” as hi clutch song. From there, the judges voted for who they thought should stick around. Kelly chose to keep Carlito, Demi chose to keep Carlito as well, and Paulina chose to keep Carlito too, so their was no need for Simon to vote as that was enough to send Tim to meet his demise along with Khaya who got booted earlier in the show. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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