Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi star in the latest Disney computer generated film, Tangled, which was formerly supposed to just be called Rapunzel . A rough adaptation of the story is being brought to the screen by Disney on November 24th and while all I really have about the film is some concept art and a teaser trailer, there was a letter submitted to /Film this weekend from a reader who claims to have seen the un-edited, rough cut version of the movie already.

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Imagining Mandy Moore as a Disney princess isn’t really a stretch for my imagination. In fact, I think she is kind of flawless and beautiful and good hearted in real life (at least from what I’ve seen!) so when I heard she was playing the part of Rapunzel in the new movie, Tangled , I thought it was a perfect fit. Zachary Levi from NBC’s brilliant TV show Chuck takes on the role of the “prince,” only in Tangled he’s really a thief named Flynn who helps Rapunzel escape her castle o’ doom.

Peter over at /Film received an email from an anonymous reader this weekend who had details about Tangled that he claims to have gotten from watching a rough, un-cut version of the flick. Peter wants us to read this disclaimer first:

The /Film reader saw an early unfinished cut of the film Tangled . The movie is far from completed, and even featured segments of animatic sketches and unfinished CGI. They seem to be a few months away from a final cut, so a lot could change. This is basically my long way of explaining that you should not take the below comments as a review of what the final film will be. If anything, consider it an early preview of what the final film could be…

So let’s check out the review, shall we? Or “preview” as the case may be…

Hey Peter,

I have seen Disney’s Tangled . The film was unfinished (most of the film’s scenes were either sketches or unfinished CG) but still very enjoyable. The few scenes that were finished were beautiful to look at, as they seemed to go for a water colored look.

They maintain the Disney classics (Cinderella , Snow White ) look and feel but transition it into the computer generated era. The characters look more like human beings, and less like exaggerated cartoon characters. Rapunzel’s facial expressions are always changing and connected to the actions that she is partaking in. Disney is clearly focused on mirroring Snow White, taking the painting like look, and surrounding it with warm, soothing colors. The watercolor style gives the film a storybook like visual that impresses, but does not dominate the film.

Zachary Levi steals the show as the cocky thief Flynn Rider. The film begins with an explanation as to why Rapunzel’s hair has magical abilities. The film revolves around Rapunzel finally leaving the tower (with help from Flynn) she has been forced to live in since birth.

It ends up being your typical Disney princess story, but very funny and with great set pieces in it. In one scene, Rapunzel and Flynn are trapped in a cave filling with water, and they utilize her glowing hair to escape.

There are about a handful of musical numbers, the best taking place in a pub. Like I said the story isn’t anything new, but visually the film is one of the most beautiful to look at. It has an Incredibles feel to it that is apparent in the character models, comedic moments, and action set- pieces. Not as great as it but the Pixar inspiration is there.

I was also surprised that blood is in the film; specifically in two scenes where a character cuts his hand and that same character gets stabbed later on.

Call me Jacob Bohmen.

I’m totally excited. I love the old school Disney movies more than anything they have put out recently, and I adore that even though they are using new technology and CGI that they are still trying to keep with the classic watercolor appearance. If this is just an early preview of what is to come, then I have really high hopes for Tangled , despite not loving the title. After the jump there is a teaser preview for you to enjoy and a bunch of concept art that I picked up around the interwebs. I also included a video of Zachary Levi singing with Katharine McPhee in case you needed some convincing that he could sing his little heart out – is there anything that dude can’t do? Enjoy!

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