Sigh. We were making such great progress on the “Alien” prequel, but with Fox involved this latest news should come as no surprise. Ridley Scott and Tony Scott had lined up Carl Erik Rinsch to direct the “Alien 0” prequel but apparently things weren’t quite so confirmed as I was led to believe.

EW has indicated the 20th Century Fox has not signed off on Rinsch to direct and actually wants Ridley back in the captain’s chair. There’s a rumor that Rinsch is romantically involved with Ridley’s daughter which might make some people concerned that Rinsch’s selection might not have the film’s best interest in mind.

Sure, I’d rather have Ridley Scott direct the “Alien” prequel, but if he refuses I’d happily take him as the producer, overseeing much of the final product. Don’t screw this up, Fox!

Source: EW via /Film

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