I was totally excited when I heard there was a movie called “Afterschool.” All these thoughts started flowing through my head. Thoughts of teen pregnancy, teen bulimia, teen suicide were in my head. I was all “Cool! An After school Special movie! Now only if Kevin Dillon and Mary Stuart Masterson weren’t so old they could star!”

Then I found out it’s not that exciting. I’m kidding. IFC’s “Afterschool” looks pretty cool actually. You can always tell how cool an Indie movie is going to be based on the cheap Helvetica-like font used for the title.

The movie opens in limited release Oct. 2, but I keep reading that it will be OnDemand Sept. 30 on certain cable systems. I’ll keep you posted if that’s true. And if it shows up on mine, I’ll review it for you.

Oh, and to the 15,000 comment board commenters, this movie looks nothing like “Heathers” to me. Heather Chandler died from Liquid Plummer, not rat poison. Get your teenage murders/suicides straight!

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