Looks like the “Alien” prequel/reboot rumors were accurate. 20th Century Fox along with the involvement of the original “Alien” director, Ridley Scott, is moving forward with their plans to go back to the facehugger storyline with either an origins story or a remake of the original. I loved the original so I’m hoping for an origins story over a remake, but that’s really the lesser of two evils for me as I already mentioned. Can anything they write do justice to what “Alien” fans have had 30 years to come up with in their own minds? I’m skeptical.

Bloody Disgusting received “insider” details (take these with a grain of salt) claiming a director has already been tapped for the Ripley reunion:

Michael Costigan, Ridley Scott and even Tony Scott are all on board to produce and have tapped Carl Rinsch to get beyond the camera and bring a new Ripley to the big screen.

Who is Carl Rinsch? I’m being told he’s a commercial/music video director and does work for Scott Free Productions, who is also producing the remake.

It’ll be terribly difficult for me to fully accept any but Sigourney Weaver as Lt. Ripley, but hopefully they won’t try some whacky time travel method to unite the original actress and the new one.

/Film has collected commercials from Rinsch if you’re interested in getting a feel for his work in 30 second bites.

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