Amazing Race 28 Dana Borriello & Matt Steffanina won the entire show tonight, May 13th. Tonight’s finale show, kicked off with the teams finding out they had to head to Los Angeles, CA to get their first clue for this championship leg of the race. Once they got there, they had to hit up the Angelus Plaza to get their first clue, which was a Road Block challenge.

During the challenge, they had to jump off the roof of a tall building and grab the clue while jumping. After pulling that one off, they had to take a helicopter ride to Santa Barbara to acquire their next clue at a yacht club on the Theresa Ann. Once they got there, they snatched up the clue from the boat.

Then they had to catch a taxi cab to get to their next clue, which turned out to be a challenge where they had to repel down a mountain to get their next clue. After completing that challenge, they had to hit up a vineyard to get their next clue.

Once there, they found the clue in a truck with haystacks, and it had them doing another Road Block challenge where they had to use the hashtags from the clues all season long and find out nine cities they visited along the way to get their next clue.

After knocking that one out, the teams were finally told to hit up the final pit stop of the season for the big grand prize win! Dana & Matt turned out to be the special team to show up ,first, for the $1 million grand prize win! Sheri & Cole arrived in 2nd place, and Tyler & Korey showed up dead last. So, much congrats to Dana & Matt for the victory, and we’ll see you guys in late September for season 29. Stay tuned.

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