September 15, 2016

Days Of Our Lives 2016 Bringing On New Sex Addicted Male For Action,New Details

Days Of Our Lives 2016 bringing on new sex addicted male for action,new details. According to a new report from the Soap Opera Digest folks, the “Days Of Our Lives” crew has put out another casting call, which reveals that they want to bring on a new male character, named Scooter, to appear in a number of episodes which are tentatively scheduled to start filming later this month.

This new Scooter character is described to be about 35 to 45 years old. He’s a handsome, eccentric, elitist math professor with a sex addiction.

In related news, Days of Our Lives are bringing back characters: Austin Reed and Carrie Brady for some shows that are scheduled to air sometime in early 2017. Carrie Brady and Austin Reed were last seen on the show way back in 2012.

Christie Clark plays Carrie Brady and Austin Peck plays this new version of Austin Reed.

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September 14, 2016

New Suits Season 6,Episode 11 Spoilers Delayed For Long Break

New Suits season 6,episode 11 spoilers delayed for long break. Hey “Suits” fans. Unfortunately, we have to let you guys know that your favorite show has reached its Summer finale with the airing of episode 10, tonight, and if history repeats itself, we’re not expecting to see the new episode 11 air until like February or March 2017. So, FX hasn’t yet revealed any official spoilers for episode 11.

We probably won’t see their official synopsis for episode 11 until sometime in early 2017. However, all hope is not entirely lost when comes to new spoilers as I’m sure the press will hit up their showrunner to get some new scoops on the second half of the season.

Season 6 is scheduled to show 16 episodes again, so when season 6 starts back up, we can expect to see 6 more episodes.

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September 12, 2016

New Blue Bloods Season 7,Premiere Episode 1 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released By CBS

New Blue Bloods season 7,premiere episode 1 official spoilers,synopsis released by CBS. Recently, CBS delivered the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Blue Bloods” season premiere episode 1 of season 7, and it sounds pretty drama-filled, super intense and quite interesting as Robert Lewis totally flips Danny’s world upside down by discovering new evidence against him in the self defense shooting case of a serial killer!

A major drunk driving car crash takes place, prompting Eddie and Jamie to go investigate it. Frank gets asked to discourage a young man from joining the police force, and more. The episode is called, “The Greater Good.”


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September 10, 2016

New Walking Dead Season 7 Intense Negan Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net


New Walking Dead season 7 intense Negan spoiler promo clip hit the net. Recently, AMC dropped this new spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “The Walking Dead” season 7, featuring more of evil villain, Negan in action, played by actor Jeffrey Morgan, and he definitely doesn’t make it look like Rick and his crew should ever have any hope of escaping his capture.

He tells them that they have to follow his rules and earn what they get, and that whatever they had going for them in their lives, is absolutely over now as he is everywhere! Wow! That’s pretty disheartening to say the very least.

In addition to that, the clip also shows more footage of them killing off more walkers, intense car chase action, guns rounds getting fired off and all that great stuff.

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September 9, 2016

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 April & Jackson Spoilers Dished By The Producer

New Grey’s Anatomy season 13 April & Jackson spoilers dished by the producer. According to a new report from TV Line, Grey’s Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes, recently dished out new spoiler intel for the upcoming season 13 in regards to Jackson and April.

It turns out that we’re going to see them exploring a more peaceful side this season as they take on their parenting roles.

Shonda told them, when asked about April and Jackson: “Season 13 will explore, in a much lighter way, what it means for the first-time parents to be uncoupled, to be divorced, and to have a kid. They’re going to really try to do this in a healthy way, but is that healthy way going to feel so healthy when they still have feelings for each other?”

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September 8, 2016

New Once Upon A Time Season 6,Premiere Episode 1 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released

New Once Upon A Time season 6,premiere episode 1 official spoilers,synopsis released. Recently, ABC revealed the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Once Upon A Time” premiere episode 1 of season 6, and it sounds very interesting and pretty dramatic as Rumpel attempts to pull off a rescue mission for Belle from the Sleeping Curse.

Emma gets inflicted with a strange side effect! We’re also going to see Regina and Zelena decide to become roommates, and more! The episode is called, “The Savior.”


Press release number 2: As our heroes set out to stop Hyde, Emma is going to develop a mysterious side effect, and Storybrooke will become a haven for refugees from the Land of Untold Stories.

In the meantime, Regina and Zelena are going to embrace their newfound sisterhood by becoming roommates, while Rumple tries to free Belle from the sleeping Curse with the help of a stranger.

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September 7, 2016

General Hospital 2016 Bringing On New Handsome Older Male For Action,New Details

General Hospital 2016 bringing on new handsome older male for action,new details. According to a new report from the folks over at Soap Opera Digest, the General Hospital folks have just put out another new casting call for a new handsome male to show up.

The Soap Opera Digest people think that this new guy could be a recast to bring back character, Jeff Webber, but nothing is officially confirmed. Jeff Webber was Elizabeth’s dad and the ex to a couple of ladies: Monica, Heather and Naomi.

General Hospital’s official casting call reads like this: “The show is seeking a male, “late 50’s-early 60’s” who is “ Caucasian, handsome, dynamic, charismatic: for a “major recurring role”.

No other official details were given about this role, or when they will start filming for him, so right now, it’s just pretty much a guessing game.

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September 6, 2016

New Scream Queens Season 2,Premiere Episode 1 Official Spoilers,Synopsis Released By FOX

New Scream Queens season 2,premiere episode 1 official spoilers,synopsis released by FOX. Recently, FOX revealed the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Scream Queens” premiere episode 1 of season 2, and sounds pretty interesting and dramatic as a new killer shows up on the scene!

The Chanels are brought on to help out at a teaching hospital that Dean Munsch purchased years after the events of season 1, and more. The episode is called, “Scream Again.”

In the new episode 1 press release: THE CHANELS ARE BACK… AND A NEW MYSTERY BEGINS ON THE ALL-NEW SEASON TWO PREMIERE OF “SCREAM QUEENS.” Press release number 2: Years after the murderous events at Kappa House, Dean Munsch will purchase an abandoned hospital under the guise of fixing the healthcare system in America.

After recruiting surgeons, Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade, as well as medical student Zayday Williams, the Dean will shock everyone when she enlists the services of the disgraced Chanels to join the ranks at the teaching hospital.

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September 6, 2016

New Mistresses Season 4,Finale Episode 13 Shocking Spoiler Promo Clip Released


New Mistresses season 4,finale episode 13 shocking spoiler promo clip released. Last night, ABC served up the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Mistresses” season finale episode 13 of season 4, and it looks very interesting , really dramatic and very shocking as it’s revealed that we’re going to see someone show back up on the scene that blows our minds!

It’s revealed that Harry might have a son! We see Harry trying to explain the difficult situation to Josslyn, and more! The episode is called, “The Show Must Go On.”

In the new episode 13 official plot summary: Fast-forward several months, Josslyn and Harry, as well as April and Marc, will be happily married and are new parents. Marc is going to take on the role of an overly concerned, overly attentive parent, while Harry will be more hands-off as he tries to navigate how to be a father.

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September 5, 2016

New Zoo Season 2,Finale Episodes 12 & 13 Spoiler Sneak Peek Clip Released


New Zoo season 2,finale episodes 12 & 13 spoiler sneak peek clip released. Recently, CBS dropped this new sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Zoo” season finale episodes 12 and 13 of season 2, and it looks quite interesting and pretty dramatic as Jackson, Dariela and Abraham are spotted hitting up the Sierra 1 facility to meet up with Jackson’s father who says he’s trying to help them get their cure that they’ve been searching for.

A light argument ensues as Jackson is pissed that they were the ones who caused all the problems in the first, damn place. The clip caps off with them seemingly about to get answers for all the havoc that has occurred, and more. Check it out, below. Episode 12 is called, “Pangaea” and episode 13 is titled, “Clementine.”

The official plot summary for episodes 12 and 13, read like this: Mitch and Jamie are going to hatch a daring plan to undermine the Noah Objective once and for all, and the team will reunite on the Island of Pangaea where the final pieces of the cure are put in place.

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