August 13, 2016

Lucifer Season 2 Bringing On Former Playmate Character With Secrets,New Details

charisma carpenter image

Lucifer season 2 bringing on former playmate character with secrets,new details. According to a recent report from TV Line , the Lucifer season 2 folks are bringing on former Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel star, Charisma Carpenter (left), to play some former Playmate, named Jamie Lee Adrienne.

Jamie Lee Adrienne is described as someone with a lot of party years on her. Married to a once-successful action star, Jamie Lee’s demeanor suggests sadness and pain, or that she is hiding something. Jamie Lee is currently scheduled to just be a guest character. So, we’ll more than likely just see her show up in one episode. She’s scheduled to appear in the 5th episode of season 2.

Since her Buffy and Angel days, Charisma has landed various roles in: Greek, The Lying Game, a Chicago P.D. arc, episodes of Scream Queens, Sons of Anarchy, Blue Bloods, Supernatural and Burn notice just to name a few, so she’s been quite busy.

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August 13, 2016

New Homeland Season 6 Peter Quinn Spoiler Teasers Revealed By Producer


New Homeland season 6 Peter Quinn spoiler teasers revealed by producer. Recently, TV Line got to chat up the executive producer for Homeland, Alex Gansa, and he dished some new spoilery goodness for character, Peter Quinn (played by actor Rupert Friend) , in the upcoming season 6.

First of all, Quinn will definitely be back and as a series regular fixture. At the recent 2016 Television Critics Association summer press tour, Alex stated: “Quinn is alive. I can say that much. But we want to be really careful about revealing what his condition is. He suffered a major stroke last season, so he is a very changed and altered Quinn this year.

He had a fairly rough ride last season, no doubt about it. Quinn this coming season will really represent a very profound and familiar casualty of the war on terror for our audience.

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August 12, 2016

Vampire Diaries Season 8 Currently Trying To Get Nina Dobrev Back,New Details

Vampire Diaries season 8 currently trying to get Nina Dobrev back,new details. According to a new report from the TV Line folks, the Vampire Diaries final season 8 peeps are currently in aggressive talks to get Nina Dobrev (left) to come back to reprise her Elena Gilbert character.

Mark Pedowitz, who is the President for The CW, stated: “There are discussions going on with Nina. We’d love to have Nina back. She was great for The CW. She was integral for The Vampire Diaries.”

In addition to that, Mark revealed that executive producer, Julie Plec, does have a great back up plan that’s ready to go if they can’t get Nina back, saying: “Hopefully she’ll be back, but should it not work out, Julie Plec has planned a great series finale that will satisfy fans.”

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August 11, 2016

New NCIS Los Angeles Season 8,Premiere Episode 1 Official Spoiler,Synopsis Released By CBS

New NCIS Los Angeles season 8,premiere episode 1 official spoiler,synopsis released by CBS. Recently, CBS revealed the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “NCIS: Los Angeles” premiere episode 1 of season 8, and it sounds like things will get very interesting and dramatic as the NCIS: L.A. team gets put under investigation by the Under Secretary of the Navy, because of a situation that’s gone down with a mole in their department, and more! The episode is currently awaiting a title.

In the new episode 1 premiere episode: The team is going to be under investigation by the Under Secretary of the Navy due to the identification of a mole in their department.

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August 10, 2016

New Resident Evil 6 First Movie Teaser Trailer Released


New Resident Evil 6 first movie teaser trailer released. Recently, Screen Gems (Sony) delivered this new, very first teaser movie trailer (below) for their upcoming “Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter” action/thriller flick, and it looks very intense and highly dramatic as Alice is spotted back in hardcore action, revealing that she’s ready to take out everyone of the creatures this time around.

We’re shown heavy fight scenes that include major explosions, about a million rounds of gun shots being fired off, extreme hand to hand combat, and more! Check it out, below.

The movie stars: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Ruby Rose, Eoin Macken, Lee Joon-Gi, William Levy and Iain Glen. The official synopsis for the movie, reads like this: “Picking up immediately after the events in “Resident Evil: Retribution,” Alice (Milla Jovovich), will be the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead.

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August 8, 2016

Flash Season 3 Bringing On Caitlin’s Mother For Action,New Details

susan walters image

Flash season 3 bringing on Caitlin’s mother for action,new details. According to a recent report from Entertainment Weekly, The Flash season 3 peeps have hired actress, Susan Walters (left), to come on and portray Caitlin’s mother at some point. Her name will be Dr. Carla Tannhauser, and she’d described as being a world class biomedical engineer and CEO of a major research company.

Caitlin and her mother will have a “long, difficult relationship, with Caitlin finding her mother cold and withholding, and Carla regarding her daughter as rebellious and ungrateful.” Wow, so it sounds like we may see a few sparks fly between these two.

It was actually revealed in season 2, that both Caitlin and her Earth 2 doppleganger, Killer Frost, didn’t feel all that great about their mothers. Caitlin’s mother is set to possibly be a recurring character.

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August 8, 2016

New Devious Maids Season 5 Currently Questionable,Lifetime Undecided

New Devious Maids season 5 currently questionable,Lifetime undecided. Hey, “Devious Maids” fans. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to confirm with you guys, tonight, if your favorite will be back for a new season 5 as Lifetime has not come out with an official renewal announcement for the show. Actually, this is not uncommon as Lifetime didn’t reveal that season 4 was a go until September of last year.

So, if history repeats itself, we should probably expect to hear something from Lifetime about Devious Maids new season, next month. There are reports that the show has been receiving consistent low ratings, which is not good if you’re looking for a renewal.

The 4th season opened up to about 1.08 million viewers, which is kinda low compared to its previous season premieres. However, the show continues to get high praise from IMDB users and critics with an overall 7.9 out of 10 score.

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August 7, 2016

New Rogue One Celebration Movie Trailer & Featurette Clip Released

rogue one movie poster image

New Rogue One Celebration movie trailer & featurette clip released. Recently, Warner Bros, Pictures dropped this new Celebration movie trailer/featurette clip (below) for their upcoming sci-fi/action flick, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and it looks pretty cool, showing us a lot special effects and “behind the scenes” footage.

Some hardcore fight scenes are shown going down, along with some major explosion shots. It definitely looks like it’ll offer up some extreme and suspenseful moments. Check it out, below.

The movie stars: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk and Riz Ahmed.

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August 6, 2016

New 100 Season 4 Spoiler Teasers Dished By The Cast & TV Line,New Clip


New 100 season 4 spoiler teasers dished by the cast & TV Line,new clip. Recently, TV Line got to chat up some of the cast of CW’s hit drama, “The 100,” when they showed up at the big 2016 Comic-Con event in San Diego,CA. We’ve got some video footage for you guys, below.

In the clip, Eliza Taylor commented about her Clarke character. She thinks Clarke will find love again in her life at some point. Lindsey Morgan said her Raven character is going to get an upgrade. She will be stronger, and she’s interested in seeing Raven evolve more and what she’s now capable of. Christopher Larkin revealed that his Monty character and John Murphy are going to have a giant battle at some point.

Eliza hopes that Clarke gets to a place where she doesn’t feel like she has to keep apologizing all the time, and share the responsibility with the rest of the crew.

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August 4, 2016

New Supernatural Season 12 Dean & Sam Spoilers Dished Out By The Producer

New Supernatural season 12 Dean & Sam spoilers dished out by The Producer. According to a recent report from TV Line, the executive producer for CW’s hit drama, “Supernatural,” Robert Singer, dished out some new spoiler scoopage for Dean and Sam in the upcoming season 12.

It turns out that they’re going to be separated by outside forces and a false presumption of death to start off the season.

Robert told them: “Sam’s going through hell with the British Men of Letters” who have captured the hunter. He’s also under the impression that Dean defeated The Darkness and, thus, is dead. As far as Sam knows, the bomb blew up, and that’s what saved the world.”

Jensen Ackles aka Dean was also present, and told them Dean will have to “figure out quickly what has happened, where he is, and then it turns into a bit of Taken.” Robert went on to reveal that Dean’s rescue mission won’t take up too many episodes.

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