Bachelor In Paradise 2016 eliminated Sarah Herron tonight,August 23rd. Tonight’s episode kicked off with more footage of Ashley still crying over Jared. Evan and Carly ended up kissing some more as Carly now sees him in a new light.

Sarah (left) baked Daniel a birthday cake to try to make sure she got a rose from him, but Haley made some kissing moves on Daniel for a rose too.

Next, they showed the rose ceremony. Grant gave his rose to Lace. Josh to Amanda. Nick to Jennifer. Vinny to Izzy. Evan to Carly. Jared to Caila and Daniel to Haley, which also meant her twin sister, Emily, got to stay. This left poor Sarah and Ashley I roseless and headed home.

Oh, but wait. Ashley I returned to beg everyone to give her a 2nd chance to come back and start with a new, clear approach. They said yes, but Ashley was still definitely wanting Jared back.

Next, they showed footage of some new guys showing up. Carl from Andi Dorfman‘s season and Brett with the lamp from Andi’s season arrived. Carl ended up asking Emily out on a date and she accepted as she thought he was really cute. Brett was really into Caila, which Jared really didn’t like.

Brett asked Caila out on a date and she ultimately accepted after talking to Jared about it and being indecisive as hell. However, while on the date, Caila realized that she should’ve stayed with Jared and got to know him more. She told Jared that later on, and they kissed and appeared to be good again.

This, of course upset Ashley I, because she thought she had another opening to get Jared back if Caila ran off with Brett. So, we saw more tears from her. Geez,she should’ve just went home and got the much needed therapy that she needs.

Anyways, Carl and Emily seem to really hit it off, sharing some kisses and doing some dancing. Next, we saw Ryan from Kaitlyn’s season show up. Jared tried to push him on to Ashley I, but after talking her for a few seconds, Ryan could immediately tell that Ashley was still very obsessed with Jared, so he quickly jumped that ship and headed on over to ask Haley out on a date, and she was more than happy to accept, saying she’s tired of Daniel at this point.

Ryan and Haley went horseback riding, and things appeared to go well with them. Next, they showed Grant and Lace getting along extremely well. So well, in fact, that Grant ended up professing his love for Lace, which had her all smitten. Lace told the private cams that she’s falling for Grant too.

From there, we were shown footage of Izzy really pissing off Vinny by telling him that she’s really into Brett now, and is unsure about Vinny. Vinny was shocked since Izzy only talked to Brett for about 10 minutes, so their whole things is in chaos now.

The episode closed out with Vinny attempting to get some answers or closure with Izzy the following day. So, we’ll see what happens with that in tomorrow night’s episode. Stay tuned.

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