Damon Lindelof, executive producer on ABC’s “Lost”, has put his foot down on the rumors of a “Lost” movie once the series has finished its run over the next two seasons. This is welcome news after JJ Abrams had previously discussed his openness to following the television run with a stint in the theaters.

Lindelof explained his stance with pretty sound reasoning:

“People have been so patient with the show and to basically say that we’re going to end the TV show but we’re going to leave some questions unanswered so that you can pay $14 and go see it in the theater?…” I asked him if this meant we’d never see the rumored movie. “You never say never but what we are saying is that when the final episode of ‘Lost’ airs, that will be very conclusive. There will not be a question mark of the end of the words ‘THE END.'”

It’s refreshing to hear someone in Hollywood not taking the “how can I squeeze another million out of this idea?” Then again, like he said, “never say never.”

Source: JoBlo

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