Days Of Our Lives 2016 bringing on new Valerie Grant doctor character,new details. According to the Soapcentral folks, the “Days Of Our Lives” crew is reviving the Valerie Grant character with actress, Vanessa Williams (left).

This Valerie Grant character was apparently very controversial in the earlier days of the show, and was played by actress, Tina Andrews, back then.

Valerie Grant is described as being a doctor with courage and perseverance. She’s scheduled to make her first onscreen appearance in the upcoming Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 episode. She will reportedly be in involved in a storyline with her ex, Abe,and his son, Theo.

An interesting fact about the Valerie character, reveals that she had a romance going with Julie’s son, David Banning, back in the day and they were Days Of Our Lives’ first interracial couple, but were forced to separate due to real-life racism.

Vanessa Williams acting resume, includes appearances on the 90’s version of Melrose Place, The Flash, Soul Food ,The Bay, Lincoln Heights, The Steve Harvey Show, and more. It wasn’t revealed if this will just be a guest role or a recurring one. It sounds like it’ll be more of a recurring role, since she’s involved in some sort of arc. Anyways, stay tuned.

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