Days Of Our Lives 2016 Eduardo Hernandez character to see less screentime,new details. According to a new report from Soapcentral, actor, A Martinez, who plays character, Eduardo Hernandez, is set to see less screentime on NBC’s hit soap opera, “Days Of Our Lives.” Apparently, he’s been bumped down to just recurring status from his previous regular status.

Martinez is now actually saying that it was his own decision to get bumped down to recurring status, claiming he needs some more flexibility in his schedule and that Eduardo will return with even more extremely compelling storylines.

His actual Facebook statement, reads like this: “Much gratitude for all the Hernandez Love these last couple of days. Wonderful work from everyone on the stage, and some lovely writing and direction as well.

To clear up a couple of misapprehensions: Eduardo will return; and the character’s move to ‘recurring’ status was my wish. I love the family and love the show, but need the flexibility the change allows. There’s more to come, and a lot of it is extremely compelling.” Stay tuned.

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