The highly-anticipated “Dexter” season premiere did not disappoint. From the skillful faux post-fatherhood opening to the nail-biting ending, the fourth season of “Dexter” is sure to be one of the best.

The most chilling point of the episode came early when we see a completely nude John Lithgow waiting in a bathroom as a young woman walks in. He grabs her and the next thing we see is him holding her in a bathtub full of water. He takes her life, introducing us to the season’s villain, known as the Trinity Killer.

Lithgow was brilliant. I could’ve done without the nudity, however. I’m already seeing a guest actor Emmy nod in his future for this role.

Aside from setting up that storyline, we can see how worn out Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has become since baby Harrison was born. He’s messing up court cases, rushing through his kill room deconstruction and not driving very well. I am confident he will regain his composure soon though.

As for Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), she seems to finally be happy and in love. But then her ex Special Agent Lundy (Keith Carradine) walks in the door. Will she give up her new love for an old? Probably. Deb makes poor decisions every season.

I was happy to see my favorite Lt. Maria Laguerta (Lauren Velez) getting an early storyline – and a romantic one at that. She deserves more air time and a stable love life.

I avoided Showtime’s seemingly 7-hour long season preview because I hate spoilers. So the only thing I can tell you about the rest of the season is it’s going to be killer. Because it always is.

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