DEXTER (Season 5)

“Dexter” Season 5, Episode 10: “In The Beginning”

For the first time this season, “Dexter” grabbed me, pulled me in and made me care about my favorite TV show again.

It’s been a long and slow season for me. I love the characters and am devoted to the show but I’ve felt so disconnected this season. I feel like the usual “Dexter” magic is missing. But Sunday’s episode brought the magic back. I’m connected once again. It’s not cool that it took 10 (out of 12) to get me there, but at least it did. And I knew it would.

Last week ended with Jordan Chase calling Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) house and realizing he was talking to Lumen (Julia Stiles). So this week, Dexter takes all precautions. He sends Harrison away and he takes Lumen to his (or is it Deb’s?) apartment as they plan to get rid of Lumen’s final two attackers.

The blood sample Dexter took from Jordan’s necklace turned out to be from a woman still alive. Dexter and Lumen visit her but she shuts them out.

Back at the station, LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) and the team are going over the newly-reopened barrel girls case and their prime suspect is Jordan’s head of security Cole. But of course Dexter and Lumen disposed of him last week. Since they don’t know that, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) go after Cole. Jordan informs them he’s been missing for a bit. Deb rips Jordan a new one. And they’re off.

At Cole’s house Quinn finds a collection of DVDs that feature the recorded tortures and murders of the 13 victims. That means Lumen’s DVD is in the mix too. And Deb has seen Lumen. Dexter panics. He quickly figures out a way to get the No. 13 DVD so no one will ever link Lumen or him to the case.

Lumen goes back to the woman from Jordan’s necklace. This time she lets her in. She tells Lumen everything. Jordan, who used to be a fat kid called Eugene, and his buddies (Cole, Boyd, Dentist Dan and mystery man) raped and tortured her at a summer camp when they were teenagers. She also tells Lumen who the fifth man in the photo is. His name is Alex Tilden.

Before Dexter and Lumen get to Alex, Deb and Quinn do. It turns out Alex (Scott Grimes) had shown up in Cole’s phone call log and Deb and Quinn were there checking him out.

Lumen and Dexter first have to check out Alex’s house and figure out where the kill room should be. They find a place and plan for the kill the following day.

Jordan shows up at his first victim’s house and we learn that she is still in with Jordan for some reason and she told Lumen everything because he asked her to. So there’s something very strange going on there. He even tells her she made him who he is today. What? I really can’t wait now to find out that’s all about.

Dexter and Lumen are getting ready for the big night. Lumen comes out in her tight-fitting black kill suit and you can almost hear Dexter’s boner popping up. He gives her a gift: her very own black murderer gloves. How sweet!

Oh, and RoboCop (Peter Weller) is totally on to Dexter and Lumen. He is recording them and sees Dexter teaching Lumen how to stab someone. Even though that’s unnecessary drama, I’m interested to see what becomes of his investigation and, in turn, Quinn. Will Dexter have to kill them? Or will there be a much easier way out?

So it turns out Jordan is setting up Lumen and Dexter. He knows they’ll be going after Alex next, so he scopes out Alex’s house until the two arrive. He then calls Deb and tells her some garbage that will lead her to Alex’s house right in the middle of Dexter and Lumen’s kill.

So Alex is plastic wrapped and wakes up to Dexter cutting his face. Then Lumen comes in to do her first official kill. It turns out to be one of the craziest scenes in a long time. Deb and Quinn are closing in on Alex’s house. Dexter’s boner returns over Lumen doing her thing with Alex. And she really does it. I wasn’t sure she would, but she did. She stabbed Alex in the heart.

Then Deb and Quinn bust in! Psych! They’re at Alex’s house, but the kill room was set up in an empty house on Alex’s street. Brilliant. That’s the show I’ve loved for five years now. But Deb is starting to piece things together. After everything else that’s been going on and after finding a small footprint outside Alex’s home, she has a hunch that the 13th victim might be on a vigilante killing spree.

Following the kill, Dexter and Lumen have sex (told you he had a boner). We all know Dexter gets his rocks off from killing and it looks like Lumen does as well. Maybe Dexter has finally found his soul mate. His final line of the night could be very telling. “With Lumen I’m someone different, ” he says. “In her eyes, I’m not a monster at all.” But we’ll see how that really plays out in the last two episodes of the season.

So what did you think? What’s going on with Jordan and his first “victim?” Thoughts? There were SO many things going on in this episode. What did I miss? Let’s talk about it all.

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