DEXTER (Season 5)

“Dexter,” Season 5, Episode 6: “Everything is Illumenated.”

Sunday night’s “Dexter” finally felt like “Dexter.” I’d say welcome back, but I’m still skeptical after this slow season. Maybe next week I can say it.

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) decides it’s time for things to get back to normal. He’s sent Lumen (Julia Stiles) away. Or so he thinks. And he has a new target: A guy (Chad Allen) who cruises for gay sex and leaves his hook-ups dead. Things forge right ahead. Dexter rents an RV, posts an ad online and soon enough the guy is there to meet him. He walks up to Dexter and says “10 inches of steel?” “You betcha,” Dexter replies as he sticks the needle in his neck.

Then it cuts to him plastic wrapping the vicim and Lumen calls. Ignore. She calls again. Ignore. Voicemail. He listens. Lumen says she found one of her attackers and has killed him. In Miami. She never left. Great. Fantastic. Dexter has to go to her. He takes the sedated, wrapped victim and puts him in the back of his SUV. He believes he can deal with Lumen’s problem before the guy wakes up.

So much for Dexter getting his routine back.

Very unhappy that she’s still in Miami, Dexter is basically ready to kill her. She leads him to the body and it’s gone. More great news. They begin tracing the blood drops when Dexter gets called to a possible homicide scene. And it’s the scene he’s already on. Someone heard Lumen’s shots and called it in. The two find the guy, still alive. Dexter thinks Lumen is just shooting in the dark so to speak and that the man is innocent. After the step away, they hear him on a cell phone basically confessing to being one of her attackers. Dexter snaps his neck and Lumen smirks. Uh-oh. Her Dark Passenger is showing.

So they have very little time to clean up the mess before Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) and Masuka (C.S. Lee) show up to investigate. Then there’s a crash. Chad Allen has escaped from the back of Dexter’s car. He’s wobbling along, half wrapped in plastic wrap and he’s headed right for the oncoming Deb and Masuka. Dexter catches him, strangles him and has time to stage that victim next to his and Lumen’s. Then Deb and Masuka, five minutes late per usual, get there and find Dexter. He explains that it must be a gay hook-up gone wrong. Masuka agrees, and this being right up his alley, presents some very hilarious visuals as to what must have gone on.

A great episode finally!

Oh yeah. Before I leave, I better talk about those other storylines. There’s that whole Santa Maurte murder case. They’re closing in on that, I think. Batista (David Zayas) makes nice with LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) by finding a promising lead on that case. Also, we see Quinn (Desmond Harrington) and RoboCop (Peter Weller) working on proving Dexter was tied to the Trinity Killer. Really? Just drop it.

Everything else is quiet in Dexter’s world. Harrison is doing great. And the nanny is doing a great job. BUT. My suspicions for her are growing. Aren’t yours?

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